Career Change Support or Mid-Career Review

  • Are you considering a career change?
  • Do you need help with developing your career (Mid-Career Review)?

In a recent article published in FE News research suggests that nearly three-quarters of UK workers 71% will be looking for a new role this year.

Alistair Stirling an independent and impartial experienced self- employed careers adviser of Stirling Careers Consultancy, offers those considering a career change professional career support to help you consider your career options and put a plan in place.  We believe that it is essential to take professional advice when considering a career change.

Alistair Stirling works with a wide range of clients from many professions/sectors who are not happy in their current roles. They are looking to change career but are unsure how to begin.

Stirling Careers Consultancy offers independent and impartial careers guidance, to help with these complexities and uncertainties.

  • Do you have some ideas but would like help in moving things forward?
  • We can discuss these ideas with you in a confidential manner giving you the confidence to explore them in more detail and start to formulate an action plan.

Mid-Career Reviews

We can also help with mid-career reviews.

  • Do you want to gain promotion within your organisation?
  • Do you want to move to a new job?
  • Do you want to change career completely?

How can we help?

  • We can help you identify your transferable skills
  • We also look at skills you may need to acquire your next role.

We can also offer psychometric assessments to all our clients who are considering a career change.

How can this help me?

  • Through undertaking these assessments, you will receive a detailed report of 12/13 careers related to your strengths which you can then start to research in more detail.
  • These assessments are widely used in career guidance and employment. They help match a person's ability and personality to suitable career roles.
  • They also give you an insight into your aptitudes, interest, work style, organisational role for which you wish to aspire, the type of workplace where you would most like to work, your personality type, how you like to learn best and finally 12/13 career suggestions.
  • We then support you in researching these careers in more detail by giving you the tools, techniques and resources to help you undertake your research and narrow your options down to three or four possible choices to research in more depth.

Why do people come to us?

  • They could be at risk of redundancy
  • They might be unhappy in their current role
  • They may feel that they are not getting any career development opportunities
  • They may want to up skill
  • They may want promotion
  • They might want a better work/life balance
  • They might want to try something new
  • They might want to assess their options before making a decision.

Why should you choose us?

We have a passionate belief that we can help. We support our clients either face-to-face at a location in Central London, over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, telephone and email whatever suits them best.

Client Testimonials

A recent client who changed career said:

“…I want to thank you for your help during my career change and the expertise that you provided.”

Another client said:

“Thank you again for your time and service it has helped me massively.”

“I'm keen we continue, and I value your expertise and viewpoint”
Another client said:

“Thank you very much for all the support you have given me to date. I really appreciate it. I think we definitely work well together.”

We can work with you to:

  • Undertake a mid-career review
  • Help and support you with your career change
  • Gain promotion
  • Assess your options
  • Help you set some exciting career and training goals
  • Put a plan in place to suit your needs

Whether you are looking to change career or undertake a mid-career review develop we offer all new clients a Free 20 minutes telephone consultation to understand your current circumstances and explain how we can help you move forward and set some career goals.

Why wait?

It could be the best telephone call you ever made.

Bromley Careers Consultant Alistair Stirling offering careers advice in & around Kent, London

Alistair Stirling is a registered careers adviser with over 20 years’ experience of supporting people back into employment.

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