How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Clients frequently  come to me wanting help to prepare for a job interview.

Simple steps to help you prepare for a job interview

  • On receiving confirmation that you have been selected for interview, confirm your attendance, preferably in writing.
  • If you have any questions about the interview, contact the organisation. This will go in your favour as it will show that you are really interested.
  • Then start doing your preparation.

What does this involve?

  • Thoroughly read through your cover letter, CV / application form, the job advertisement, job description and person specification so that you know exactly what the job involves.
  • Research the organisation thoroughly. Look at their website, look the organisation up on Companies House, to check their financial status. Check to see if  they are featured in the business section of newspapers.
  • Think about possible interview questions and answers you will give with examples and write them down.
  • Think about the skills you can offer the organisation
  • Then practice with a family member or friend. This will give you confidence. You can also do this in front of a mirror. The key is speaking out loud.

Employers are also interested in you as a person, so mention anything you do to show your all-around personal development, such as hobbies, volunteering or sports.

  • Also consider what questions you want to ask them.

Interviews are now being delivered either in person or online and you need to prepare accordingly.

Finally, an interview is a two-way process

The company is seeing whether you are suitable for the position and you are also deciding whether this is the right organisation for you.

How can we help you succeed at interview?

Stirling Careers Consultancy provides 1 to 1 coaching to help you ensure you are fully prepared for your interview.

We offer a two-hour coaching session.  (This can be either be 2 times 1hr sessions or one 2-hour session).

  • The first hour is to discuss the interview and possible questions
  • The second hour is role play for the interview.

Stirling Careers Consultancy can help you with your interview preparation.

For an initial free telephone consultation, please phone Alistair Stirling on

0790 461 4946 or e-mail

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bromley Careers Consultant Alistair Stirling offering careers advice in & around Kent, London

Alistair Stirling is a registered careers adviser with over 20 years’ experience of supporting people back into employment.

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