Are you 20 to 35 needing help with your career?

Did you see the recent article on the BBC website and other newspaper articles highlighting the fact that younger people are bearing the brunt of the jobs crisis due to widespread job cuts in the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors?

Between Jan 2021 and March 2021 811,000 jobs were lost in the UK, 80% of them were lost by the under-35s.

Check out our post and video on helping people who have lost their job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Young office workers are not being given help by their employers to develop their careers.

Don’t worry. There is help at hand.

As an experienced qualified impartial and independent Careers Adviser I have worked with many young people to help them develop their careers.

At Stirling Careers Consultancy we introduce clients to an excellent and effective career planning model used in universities and the health service.  This will help support you on your career journey.

We work with clients who are unsure about their career direction introduce  them to psychometric assessments which highlight careers tailored to their skills, abilities and aptitudes.

Are you?

  • In danger of losing your job or have lost your job?
  • Unhappy or unfilled in your job and want to consider your career options.
  • Wanting to change career but not sure how to go about it
  • Wanting to return to work following a career break
  • Not getting any help from your employer to support you in planning your career
  • Stuck in your job and unsure how to progress your career going forward.

Do you need:

How we work

We offer a free initial telephone conversation to find out about your current career situation and discuss your previous job roles you have held.

We work closely with you to listen to you and understand your background and career aspirations.

We will discuss putting a tailor-made programme together to suit your needs.

The more sessions that you have the more likely you are to be successful.

We deliver one-to-one career coaching sessions through Skype, Zoom, telephone and we then follow-up with additional information and resources and email them through to you.

For a Free informal chat please call Alistair Stirling on 0790 461 4946 or Email us at or contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bromley Careers Consultant Alistair Stirling offering careers advice in & around Kent, London

Alistair Stirling is a registered careers adviser with over 20 years’ experience of supporting people back into employment.

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