Help to find a new job-A Short Video

This video focuses on helping people who have lost their job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This video will give you hints and tips and strategies to help you find a job in a competitive job market. This webinar was delivered to CDS Co-op Housing Association residents to help those who may have lost their job or maybe in danger of losing their job. This blog adds to my previous blog in early May 2021.

The aim of this webinar is:

To make you a more efficient, effective and confident jobseeker.

The objectives of the webinar:

  • Where to look for work
  • Understanding the hidden jobs market
  • Applying for advertised roles
  • Using your network and social media channels

One of the key questions I get asked is:

Where do I start?

It is important to take a step back and consider the following:

  • Your options
  • Your key skills
  • Your interests
  • Your values and achievements

You need to think about the labour market and we know some sectors are facing real difficulty and others are expanding.

It is important to consider your transferable skills and structuring your day.

Also thinking about the impact Covid 19 pandemic has had on your job sector, for example different ways of working.

How do I find a job in this marketplace?

It is important to look on company websites, search by using key words, and set up email alerts and register with agencies.

One way is to start going through your contacts, research organisations you may want to work for.

It is important to tailor your covering letter and curriculum vitae to your targeted  organisation.

What other help is available to me?

Whilst you are seeking employment you could consider doing voluntary work in your local community. Through doing voluntary work you will be keeping your skills up to date and contributing to your local community website you could also consider doing a free online course there are many free courses available at the moment.  It is a case of researching what is available.

Another way is to take a strategic approach to your job search. For people who are looking to move and settle in the UK, you can look at the United Kingdom Shortage Occupation list. This list highlights professions and sectors which are struggling to recruit.

Now could be a good opportunity to consider retraining or change career. I would recommend talking to a careers adviser to help you consider your career options.

Where are the vacancies coming up?

This slide highlights where some of the vacancies are  recruiting at the present moment in time. These are in the NHS, construction sector, public sector, customer service and IT roles. Also, LinkedIn has list of vacancies.

To summarise: Where to look for work?

This slide 16 summarises all the different things you can be doing to widen your job search.

Goal Setting

It is important to set some goals both short term and long-term goals, create a weekly timetable and keep a record of your job applications.


It is really important in these difficult and challenging times to look after your own health and well-being and build it into your daily job search timetable.

For example, this could be exercise, talking to friends, family, work colleagues and taking up a new hobby. Have some fun!

My clients are getting jobs and in some cases they are changing jobs too.

Finally, you need a plan that you frequently review to ensure it is working for you.

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Review

And you need to widen your job search.

You need to be

  • Proactive
  • Determine
  • Resilient
  • Flexible

The job search cycle is broken down into these four stages:

  • Target approach
  • Application Route
  • Interview Stage
  • Job offer

There are jobs out there it is just a case of being persistent and keeping at it.

How we work

We offer a free initial telephone conversation to find out about your current career situation and discuss your previous job roles you have held.

We work closely with you to listen to you and understand your background and career aspirations.

We will discuss putting a tailor-made programme together to suit your needs.

The more sessions that you have the more likely you are to be successful.

We deliver one-to-one career coaching sessions through Skype, Zoom, telephone and we then follow-up with additional information and resources and email them through to you.

For a Free informal chat please call Alistair Stirling on 0790 461 4946 or Email us at or contact us via our contact form on our website:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bromley Careers Consultant Alistair Stirling offering careers advice in & around Kent, London

Alistair Stirling is a registered careers adviser with over 20 years’ experience of supporting people back into employment.

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