Corporate Career Management

Career Development for Staff in Organisations

On-going Career Development

Stirling Careers Consultancy works with organisations to help staff to plan their careers within the organisation. We are currently going through a fourth industrial revolution particularly with disruptive technologies and trends such as the internet, robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

This is changing the way we live and work.  Some jobs will disappear and new jobs will be created. The world is changing at a fast pace and we all need career management skills to help us to navigate our way through the changes brought on by artificial intelligence, changes in the economy and job market. Some employees find it very hard to plan and manage their careers in the current economic climate. They need to be given career management skills to help them to do so.

Stirling Careers Consultancy is very passionate about working with organisations to give their employees the tools and techniques to help them manage their careers now and in the future. Stirling Careers Consultancy delivers career management sessions particularly to employees starting out on their careers. 

"The advice I received from Alistair was invaluable. After a month working with Alistair I was successful in gaining full-time employment."

Client (after a recent career break)

"The course was informative and educational. I now feel positive in planning my career path and next steps"

London Client

“Thank you for your follow up and for taking the time in these months to help me and support me with my professional development. It was very productive for me and I feel I improved a lot. I have became more confident about my potential and skills.” 

Coaching Client

“I found the workshop was just what I wanted and has given me lots of ideas of how to prepare for an interview.”

London Client

“Very interesting and helpful especially the information about branding which was new to me.”

Local Authority Employee

We have recently delivered this workshop to graduate interns working in a local authority. We have also recently delivered this programme to Human Resource Professionals to help them plan their careers.  It would also be very helpful to incorporate it into an apprenticeship programmes. 

These are additional skills employees are going to need throughout their working lives. Employer needs are constantly changing in response to changing market conditions. They are going to need the skills to help them navigate their careers through a changing working environment. 

Career management / development workshops are of three hours’ duration helping apprentices and graduate interns plan their careers going forward. This is based on a four-stage model used extensively in the NHS to help health care professionals to plan their careers.

Many universities use this model to help students to plan their careers. In today’s economic climate some students / apprentices find it quite hard to plan their careers. This workshop gives clients a model to help them. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our on-going career development services please contact Alistair Stirling.

Bromley Careers Consultant Alistair Stirling offering careers advice in & around Kent, London

Alistair Stirling is a registered careers adviser with over 20 years’ experience of supporting people back into employment.

Corporate Career Management

We offer a range of services for companies to help employers, and their employees, with career management, upskilling, onboading and leadership development.

Help your employees achieve their career aspirations.

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